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As an artist, I communicate what I feel. Whether I see and feel the
natural, the physical or deeper beyond into the heart and the
supernatural. I strive to tell the truth, the truth about my core
reality or the truth about my perception of my subject’s heart.


Christian Artist - Barbara Bagshaw

Barbara is the President of the New England Christian Arts Council and the creator/event coordinator of their annual visual and performance arts festival.

Bagshaw studied art at Bennington College, Maine College of Art and also a year in Sweden. She also studied under Boaz Vaadia and Sydney Hymann in New York City, while serving as their intern.

She has received grants from the Maine Arts Commission, the Portland Partnership, Partners in Learning (PAL), and Portland High School.

Barbara shows in several Maine galleries as well as internationally. In 2005 she organized the Portland City Hall city-wide art show, with 14 schools and over 20 art teachers. She teaches figurative art workshops in Maine schools. Bagshaw taught art at the junior and senior art level for nine plus years. Annually, her students would assist Sculptor Pandora Lacasse assemble her outdoor installations.

She studies dance intensively and finds it to be a moving and emotional meditation. Working all three art forms together, visual art, music and dance, strengthens her expression both consciously and subconsciously.

Her dance experience has afforded her the opportunity to partner with Sasha Soreff Dance Theater of New York City. She has also worked with nationally known choreographer Stephanie Powell, who served as ballet/modern instructor for Alvin Aliey Dance Theater, and numerous other dancers. Barbara has also shown in conjunction with Ballet Magnificat while they were on tour in Massachusetts.

In addition to painting, sculpting and dancing, she speaks
internationally on the connection between the arts and healing, the arts and the church and the obligation of the artist.

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